All children make good progress from their starting points. Children are working within the developmental range for their age. Children with English as a second language make good and at times very good progress.

The setting has a strong family ethos and as a result means parents, children and staff are happy and children thrive in the setting.

Children are very happy and settled within the nursery and thrive in the family environment. The strong family ethos means that parents are happy with the nursery and rate it very highly.

Children and their families are welcomed into the friendly nursery by all staff and management.

The nursery environment is very bright and well maintained. High priority is given to children’s health and staff consistently implement good health and hygiene practices.

Children use the outdoor environment daily. They enjoy a well planned variety of both indoor and outdoor physical play experiences. They love the freedom of movement offered outdoors and use space well to develop their physical skills. They learn to pedal and scoot safely, avoiding obstacles, and have great fun as they roll in the play tunnel.

The children enjoy a range of interesting and challenging experiences across the seven areas of learning which is thoughtfully extended to support children’s interests.

The management team has a clear vision for the nursery and recognise the current strengths and areas for improvement. The views and opinions of others are fully considered and contribute to the self-evaluation process.

All children, including those who have special educational needs and disabilities, and those who speak English as an additional language, make good progress from their starting points. They gain the necessary skills in readiness for school.

Staff continually model language to children, use varied vocabulary and descriptive words and ask relevant questions. This helps children to enhance their communication and language development and allows them to extend their thinking skills.

Children’s personal care needs are managed well and they have established positive.

Staff are fully aware of how to manage children’s behaviour and reinforce the boundaries and expectations. Children use good manners and learn how to share and take turns with their peers.

Children thoroughly enjoy physical play activities, including football sessions, where they can be active and energetic. These opportunities help them to build their coordination and take risks.

Children’s well-being is successfully promoted. Staff create a homely, warm and welcoming environment where children feel settled and relaxed. A wide range of resources helps to encourage children’s all-round development. Children are supported with their transition between nursery rooms to enable them to settle quickly and feel at ease. Staff have established good links with local primary schools which help children to be emotionally prepared for the next stage in their learning. Healthy lifestyles are fostered well. Children are provided with a good selection of nutritious and balanced meals and snacks, and their allergies and dietary requirements are fully met by staff.

All children comfortably make their own choices and decisions. They are creative and imaginative learners. Older children easily use a range of tools and equipment, and develop their independence and self-care skills. Children extend their understanding of the world and they learn about people who help us. They participate in events in the local community, such as visiting the care home for the elderly.